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The CPC exists to connect, inspire and transform communities

through the music and musicians of our time.



May 24, 2017 | 8pm

At La Sierra University Department of Music, Hole Memorial Auditorium

Featuring the Lyris Quartet

Hole Memorial Auditorium, La Sierra University

4500 Riverwalk Pkwy, Riverside, CA 92505

The Contemporary Performance Collective and the La Sierra University Department of Music proudly present CPC III, a concert of contemporary chamber music featuring the Lyris Quartet. The concert showcases new works by Los Angeles-based composers Reena Esmail, Danaë Vlasse, Dan Martinez, Dana Howell, Derrick Spiva Jr., Juhi Bansal, and Dante De Silva.


By Derrick Spiva, Jr.

Rachel Mellis, flute; Jacqueline Marshall, harp; Diana Wade, viola

Rhapsodie #3, “Pandora’s Box,” World Premiere

By Danaë Vlasse

Nadia Shpachenko, solo piano/narrator and Aitana Jordan, dancer

Choreographed by David Wilcox, director of the Long Beach Ballet

American Folk Rhapsody, World Premiere

By Dan Martinez

Featuring the Lyris Quartet; Jillian Risigari-Gai, harp; Rachel Mellis, flute

Hungry, World Premiere

By Dante De Silva

Featuring the Lyris Quartet

Requiem for a Drifting Heart, World Premiere

By Dana Howell

Featuring the Lyris Quartet; Alison Bjorkedal, harp; Rachel Mellis, flute

An Imaginary Thing

By Juhi Bansal

Featuring the Panic Duo (Pasha Tseitlin, violin; Nic Gerpe, piano)

I Rise: Women in Song, World Premiere (chamber version)*

By Reena Esmail

Featuring the Lyris Quartet + ensemble

*I Rise, for women’s choir and orchestra, was commissioned by the Women of Lehigh University Choral Arts. The CPC commissioned a chamber version of this work, which will be premiered at CPC III.